Savoir-faire made in Germany

Savoir-faire made in Germany

About the oldest German jeweler: Brahmfeld & Gutruf

At the age of 25 Hinrich Brahmfeld decided to create his own company. What sounds like nothing special in today’s entrepreneurial times was quite unusual in 1743. Let us go together on the trail of the oldest German jeweler Brahmfeld & Gutruf.

We go back in time – 271 years ago, there, in a small street in the German city Hamburg a young man called Hinrich Brahmfeld of bourgeois origin dreamed of creating his own jewelry. Although he belonged to a lower social class, he was allowed to learn the respectable profession of a gold smith. At that time, this was quite extraordinary as only persons of higher social status had this privilege. And finally, he opened his own manufacture.

The style of his designs could be described as playful in its colors yet clear-cut in its shapes and above all very Hanseatic. Within a short period of time, the young entrepreneur was well-known and respected in the high society of Hamburg.

With nine children, Hinrich was sure to secure his heritage for the future. However, as his grandson, Johann Brahmfeld was only given daughters who were not allowed to work as gold smiths at that time, there was a period of uncertainty for the company. Fortunately, Emelie Brahmfeld married the businessman Johann Georg Gutruf who took over the fine jeweler and added his name to the company. That is when the company gained its full name.

The fine jeweler Brahmfeld & Gutruf had to overcome other ups and downs in its almost 300 years of history. However, the spirit of the founder is still alive today and has always contributed to the company’s success.

Alice Markuly