Samsung & Montblanc : The Alliance

Samsung & Montblanc : The Alliance

This is a very unexpected co-branding between to brands that happend. Samsung, has create accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This new collection includes two “stylus” S Pen compatible: Pix Pen and e-StarWalker Pen. The partnership will also include the Meisterstuck Montblanc and Grain Soft Cases for Galaxy Extreme Note 4.


The StarWalker stylus is a premium offering from Montblanc and is a writing instrument based on Samsung’s S Pen technology. What’s unique about the instrument is that the e-StarWalker can be either a traditional pen or a ScreenWriter. Users can simply switch out the ink cartridge to change the instrument’s usage.


The Montblanc Pix Pen and e-Starwalker Pen will be available at S$460 and S$690 respectively.

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