Salvador Dali and jewelry

Salvador Dali and jewelry

Salvador Dali is one of the most famous impressionist drawers of the 19th century. Salvador Dali was not only considered as a painter and a sculptor of renamed but was also known to be a goldsimth of quality. If you go to Figuera you can find the Museum of Dali but also an incredible exposition with all the jewelry creation of Mr Dali. From 1941 he begins to draw jewels with lots of details and big precision of the forms. This clothing business was realized in New York under the control of the artist, in the workshops of the Argentine silversmith Carlos Alemany. Every piece of the collection is unique. The artist uses, in particular, symbol and object that we can find on his drawing and painting.

For example, the famous clock positioned on a branch which we find in “The obstinacy of the memory”, painted in 1931, drawing of which of jewels is represented below and showing that the shape of the smooth clock.


An other example:   “Coeur au rayon de miel”

It’s a Yellow Gold in 13-14 carats, in the needle; ruby natures (coronium), mixed size (round and ovale) from 2.0 to 4.5 mm approximately.

If you are interesting about this work made with gold, diamond and the gemstones he used for all the creation, you can click on the link of the website bellow:


Alice Gobert

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