Royalties and how they influence Luxury houses

Royalties and how they influence Luxury houses

Luxury brands influence the style of royalty, but royalty also influence the Luxury houses. It all started over 300 years ago when haute couture, as we know it today, was born because of King Louis XIV. Paris hasn’t always been the fashion capital of the world, but when Louis XIV, also known as the sun king, came to the throne this was going to change. ‘Luxury was Louis’s New Deal: The furniture, textile, clothing, and jewellery industries he established not only provided jobs for his subjects, but made France the world’s leader in taste and technology’ (K, Chrisman-Campbell, 2015).

Nowadays the Luxury houses still get influenced by the royal families. A good example is the 92-year old Queen Elizabeth II of England. The Queen of England inspired big brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci and Burberry. Vogue even wrote a story about how her Majesty’s image has influenced the many changes in women’s fashion over the past years.

Written by Rémy

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