Rouge Louboutin On Your Nails

Rouge Louboutin On Your Nails

25 years ago, Christian Louboutin created what today is one of the most luxurious and appreciated brands on the world of shoes. In addition to the elegance and originality of its pieces, the biggest hallmark of the brand has always been its soles, the famous intense red is not lacking in any of the creations of the artist.




Now, in honor to the red that has given so much joy, Louboutin pays tribute to this color with a line of coatings based on the ‘rouge Louboutin’.


Lacquer Rouge Louboutin is now available in US stores and on their website at a price of $50 and so far, only in this color, but the designer has promised that in future we will be able to acquire up to 30 different tones to find the one that combines perfectly with our favorite shoes and handbags.

Each of these colors is inspired by his most famous creations, as Décolleté, Bianca, Lady Page, Popi… and the collection consists of three different lines: The Nudes, The Noirs and The Pops.

Laura Raimundo

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