Rolex, what empire is hiden behind the famous crown?

Rolex, what empire is hiden behind the famous crown?

For a almost one hundred years now, the Rolex house has been reigning on the luxury watches market, with incredible sales every year, and beating any other brand in terms of products sold. Indeed, Rolex managed to develop such a strong image on the market of luxury watches that today, it is the watch of success, that every ambitious and successful person wants to get to enter this little world that is getting bigger everyday.

780 000, this is the number of watches sold by Rolex in 2014, these sold represent more than 4 billion euros of turnover for the brand, according to swiss private bank analyst. The prestige, the quality and the values that the brand represents placed it as the worldwide number one, thanks to iconic models such as the Oyster, the Daytona or the Submariner.

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Manon Cattaneo


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