Rolex and the crown: from the royalty to the power

Rolex and the crown: from the royalty to the power

Everyone knows that Rolex logo is a crown. This particular crown is present on the watch itself but also on the bracelet. But, the story of Rolex is not as famous as the watch. Let’s figure out why the crown is the chosen symbol for the watch company.

The crown, symbol of the brand known as the world leader Luxury watches, and the most resistant watches, has a double signification. First, the watchmakers, funders of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, settled in London to create their own business. London is the country known for its modern monarchy, and Rolex wanted to distinguish itself from the different Swiss brands. Moreover, the crown is the symbol “par excellence” of power. A person who has a Rolex is someone who succeeded in life. Other brands, such as Patek Philippe are inheritance watches that a father gives to his son. A Rolex is a watch that a man bought himself to show people he is successful.

Secondly, 20 years after the appearance of the brand, the founder deposed a patent for a complication, the Triplock, and its simplified version, the Twinlock. The only apparent way to see whether you watch has that kind of mechanism is to take a look at the turning bolt on the left of the watch. On it, you can find a very discreet crown, with one, two or three dots under it, that makes someone know what kind of complication has the watch. Of course the person has to be aware.

The Rolex crown has a symbolical and technical explanation, which creates some kind of mystery for the persons who is not aware of what having a Rolex means.


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