Robot butlers

Robot butlers

With technology making waves in todays economy, companies from segway to ford have jumped into artificial intelligence.  while most are still under development, they are able to perform tasks such as turning off lights, opening doors, tracking daily schedules and keeping a safety eye on the house.

Robot butlers- are a part of a fleet of autonomous helpers that are able to perform simple tasks and are now also being produced for hotels.  Performing housekeeping tasks such as delivering towels, morning coffee and more to guest rooms.  The goal of a robot butler is to give human employees time to perform more important tasks.

Botlr, an example of a robot butler comes equipped with 3D cameras and sensors to avoid problems.  The Botlr calls the elevator via WIFI.  Robot butlers are not out to take jobs away as they are
still commanded by a human, they merely act as a courier- completing tasks, enhancing the experience.