Rich Kids Showing Off

Rich Kids Showing Off

Nowadays in the luxury industry we need to be ready of the new client. Know not only the adult can afford luxury products. But these jet set kids, so called “rich kids of instagram”, they also can afford luxury product. Being inspired by the Kardashian young generation, these generation with age between 15-20 years old, live to the fullest.

Their lifestyle is no other than feeding their followers in instagram and of course to show off. They even have the reality show “Rich Kids of Instagram” where they can show their luxurious lifestyle. With the tagline “they have more money than you and this is what they do” it changes the mindset of luxury industry to consider this new client.

For them, the arrival of the warmer months means all-day partyingin Las Vegas, lavish feasts, blissful days sunbathing accompanied by some expensive champagnes and also posing with a flashy sport cars or even yachts.











Darell Ferhostan Photographer
Luxury is a Desire