Being Rich Isn’t Related to Why You Can Access Luxury Goods

Being Rich Isn’t Related to Why You Can Access Luxury Goods

Whether one is financially comfortable or not, one will often buy luxury goods to reward themselves, to show off or to gain acceptance. All of which are connected to the emotional weight that we give to expensive products.


One of the reasons is highly related to self-esteem. Imagine yourself on good day, where your day starts off by getting a promotion at work, then finding out that you won concert tickets from the competition you took part of the day before. Thus it is very likely that you would purchase yourself a luxury item that you’ve had your eye one for a while.
On another note, if you have been having a bad month at work and luck just hasn’t been on your side, you would probably want to reward yourself with a luxurious product after your first paycheck to make yourself feel better.


Luxury goods are the ultimate retail therapy, and fortunately for luxury brands, the Internet has made them easy accessible for impulse shopping when you’re feeling blue.


Hence, one way or another, you will want to buy a luxury good that relates the most to your state of emotions, whether you are financially comfortable or not.

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