Reverso watches by Jaeger-Lecoultre

Reverso watches by Jaeger-Lecoultre

The Reverso watches where created by the Jeager-Lecoultre house in 1931. These watches were inspired by polo players. The idea was to allow them to wear their watches during the games but having it protected. So César de Trey and Jacques David Lecoultre imagined a watch that could me reversed by a very simple mechanism, protecting the screen and showing a beautiful gravure, placing this wonderful object as a precious and timeless piece of art, but still resistant enough to resist to a polo game without any damages. With a very Art Déco Design, the Reverso is classy and elegant, they are usually made with a mechanic movement, the 846 calibre by Jeager-Lecoultre, or with a quartz movement, the 608 calibre by Jeager-Lecoultre.

A little less than a hundred years later, the Reverso is still a strong symbol of the early thirties style, remaining faithful to its original personality. However, the Reverso managed to adapt itself to times and trends and kept a strong link with polo thanks to great partnership and brand ambassador representing the prestigious brand all over the world.

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