Retail Luxury Strategy: Assembling Charisma through Art and Magic

Retail Luxury Strategy: Assembling Charisma through Art and Magic

A research in 2011 recommends those flagship retail of luxury product to assembling charisma through art and magic in two dimensions: enhancing the “extraordinary” persona of the leader and bringing consumers into the magic of the contamination process.

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For the first dimension, enhancing the persona of the leader, stores should provide evidence of the charismatic leader’s legitimacy by showing success: placing iconic product in-store, excerpting highlights of the leader’s biography and providing testimonies from cultural intermediaries that is , influential person like celebrities, journalists and etc. In order to avoid the death of the departure of the leader or designer, the best way is to remain they into brand DNA.

For the second dimension, bringing consumers into the magic, retail store is the place to experience and witness the creative alchemy behind the brand. Therefore, communication should furnish customers information on sources of the creator’s inspiration and challenges in the creative process. Besides, to preserve part of mystery, communications should leave some imprecision, emphasize some mystery, keep some elements secret, like the couturier’s workshops, whose sanctity should be reinforced.

Charismatic luxury authority can be institutionalized partially through museological technique: store design, window displays, merchandising and in-store displays that reference other authoritative worlds. Last but not the least, media and salesman in-store is important as well.

Source: Dion D, Arnould E. Retail luxury strategy: assembling charisma through art and magic[J]. Journal of Retailing, 2011, 87(4): 502-520.

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