Relationship between Art and Fashion

Relationship between Art and Fashion

During the last centuries, there have been plenty of collaborations between these two creative disciplines which has resulted into unique fashion designs and art pieces.

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A Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí was so inspired from Coco Chanel that he started to create a costumes for theater and opera. One of his most known fashion design works is Aphrodisiac Jacket (1936). At the same time Salvador Dalí was the one who inspired Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli for some of her bets-known forks, such as Lobster dress or Shoe hat.

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The Mondrian collection designed by Yves Saint Laurent is another example showing the influence from the bold geometry of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. While Yves Saint Laurent was the inspiration for American artist Andy Warhol and its work.

There is no doubt that these two artistic expressions will continue to go hand in hand in the future as well.

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