Real Madrid & Audi

Real Madrid & Audi

Audi is one of the Volkswagen Group’s luxury brands. When it comes to interacting with its consumers, Audi takes a drastically different approach than its competitors. It’s actually known for sponsoring it’s very latest range of wheels to the Spanish Giants – Real Madrid  – every year up to the present since 2002.

At an event in Real Madrid City, Audi presented the official vehicles to the first-team squad on the Basketball court. Florentino Pérez and Guillermo Fadda, the director of Audi in Spain, attended this function.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first choice was the Panther Black Rs7 Sportback edition as a way of treating himself for the accomplishment of breaking his own Champions League record .This awe-inspiring car would cost the average buyer a whopping £150,000. But that wasn’t even the most expensive car there.  Sergio Ramos, the Spanish defender took that honor by picking out the complete upgraded version, with a soft top roof and black alloy wheels – worth just over £200,000.


The players were dressed in full jumpsuits and enjoyed an exciting Formula E simulator session, which the German car manufacturer organized. The top three winners placed Dani Carvajal, Marco Asensio, and Sergio Ramos in that respective order in the simulated race.


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