Princess Diana: a style icon

Princess Diana: a style icon

‘She was like a fairytale princess’

FILE - 27 AUGUST 2012 for ANNIVERSARY AUGUST 31: On Friday, August 31st Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in an automobile crash in Paris, France 15 years ago in 1997. Please refer to the following profile on Getty Images Archival for further imagery. HONG KONG - NOVEMBER 10: Princess Of Wales In Hong Kong Wearing An Outfit Described As The Elvis Look Designed By Fashion Designer Catherine Walker. Tour Dates 7-10 November. (exact Day Date Not Certain) (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

The following quote is from the book ‘Diana, fashion & style’:

‘Few people have had an impact on fashion in the same way as Princess Diana. As a public figure, the Princess’s dress style was closely scrutinised by the press and the public. As a young princess, her clothes were romantic and demure but as her confidence grew, her style developed into that of an international celebrity: glamorous, elegant, and completely her own.’

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An icon, inspiration and example for many women. A true example of style, elegance and glamour.













Melissa Niemeijer

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