Presence of luxury brands on social medias

Presence of luxury brands on social medias

Many brands decided to improve their positioning on social medias.

By social medias, we’ll focus on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton use a lot Youtube to spread product reviews and influencers-based content.

Social medias has evolved so much over the last few years. Luxury brands used to not really use them because of the image of accessible brands they could give, but finally they understand how important they are and how successful for the business they can be. Using social medias can excite, entertain and engage customers to discover the world of your brand. Through the content marketing target of digital marketing, social medias play a major role.

Thanks to them, brands can utilize the same tools and actions they used to have before but reaching way more customers.

The top 3 of luxury brands that use social medias to enhance their business are:

– Ferrari: for this over-known brand, being on social medias allows them to tell their story

– Dior: the brand uses Models and instagram celebrities to make new consumers enter in their world

– Harley Davidson: on their social medias, their goal is to create a community where passionates people can talk about the brand, post pictures, give advice to new members etc…

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