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After the redesign of its website in December, Prada unveils all ( or most) of its archives . Fashion shows, collaborations and iconic … 30 years of advertising campaigns embodied by Carla Bruni, Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell and shootées by the greatest photographers in the image of Steven Meisel , David Sims and Peter Lindbergh .


This page looks suspiciously like a color palette but remains minimalist to the brand. The site offers two search criteria. The year of 1987-2016 and the type …: Advertising campaigns, fashion shows, spectacles and also “Real fantasies”.


For each archive, you can share it on twitter, facebook, pinterest or tumblr and read its contents on the information tab.

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For section glasses for example, a young girl who walks, elegant observer, a woman intrigued by the world around him. Six digital heroes narrated through the designs of six illustrators Prada Raw Avenue, the virtual fashion show that features the new collection of Prada sunglasses Raw. For the collection Prada Raw, entirely of wood, Blair Breitenstein applied his illustration style with these inspiring spectacles 1970s, playing on the aspects “return to nature” of that particular line.

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This attractive Prada Universe is a gold mine, a fine paste, combining art, fashion and photography.




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