Portrait of Charles Worth: icon of Haute Couture

Portrait of Charles Worth: icon of Haute Couture

Charles Frederick Worth was an English Fashion designer and who was in love with France: whose works were produced in Paris and he is widely considered as the Father of Haute Couture.

At his beginning, he worked in Fabric Workshop in London. When he was 20 years old, he comes France and started working for Gagelin as a sales person. When he worked there he opened a dress maker department and created collections: he was the first who created two collections a year « Spring/Summer » and « Fall/Winter », all the models will be unique, and the clients just can choose the size and the model.

It is from this moment he was the first who create Haute Couture and the job of Fashion Designer and that is why we  name him « The Father ».

He decided to name all his collection of Haute Couture « Robes sur Paris » and created the etiquettes « Charles Worth – Haute Couture – Robes sur Paris » on each models.

At that time, dress makers to communicate made little dolls and sending it by the post to each client, Charles Worth did not that, he created events for all the collections and wanted persons to wear his creations called the « sosie »: created the modeling, and his first one sosie was his wife. He wanted sosie walking behind the clients wearing his collection, this way his creations were alive.

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