Poggenpohl ; luxury comes in your kitchen

Poggenpohl ; luxury comes in your kitchen

Who said that the kitchen, workplace and friendliness place could not be a space where reigns the luxury?

Certainly not Poggenpohl, manufacturer and designer of German luxury kitchens.

Founded in 1892 by Poggenpohl Freidemir, this internationally renowned manufacturer offers warm kitchens, wooden English or modern style pure design that harmoniously combines today’s materials. This brand known for its rigor ensures quality and best finishes.

When beauty and technology come together.

All Poggenpohl kitchens are manufactured on demand; there do not exist two identical.

However, each born in the same way: on a white sheet and through the eyes of a customer. The result is a kitchen to the unique design, perfectly reflecting the needs and personality of an individual.

Moreover, Poggenpohl offers endless possibilities and a kitchen of the brand can fit all spaces and all imaginable places. Besides the wide range of colors and finishes as possible, relying on natural tones and performing a timeless fascination.

While waiting to sit in these splendid kitchens, sit down to eat.

Hugo Bourgeois

Hugo Bourgeois

“Luxury means to live free of conventions and expectations.” – Anton Wolfgang Count Faber-Castell.

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