Place Vendôme: iconic & historic

Place Vendôme: iconic & historic


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It would be hard to imagine a more chic square than place Vendôme in Paris’s 1st arrondissement. The square is located at the starting point of the iconic Rue de la Paix in Paris.

The square, which is actually an octagon, was laid out by the Architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, in the reign of Louis XIV on a site that had once been occupied by the town house of César, duc de Vendôme, and was completed in 1720. Since that time, Napoleon ordering the construction of the Grand Boulevard that intersect the square, but otherwise the architecture has not really changed in almost 300 years.


The most famous of the Vendôme jewelers, is Cartier, which opened its first shop in 1899 at the entrance to the square on rue de la Paix. Cartier would swiftly become renowned for fashionable watches and later for the extravagant jewels dreamed up by artistic designer Jeanne Toussaint, who collaborated with the Dure and Duchess of Windsor on some of the century’s most celebrated jewelry.

The square of the Place Vendôme is nowadays one of the most important symbol of Luxury in France and all around the world.


Claire Carrara