Pierre Hermé: The “Picasso of pastry”

Pierre Hermé: The “Picasso of pastry”

The new macaroon : The Ispahan

The story begins in 1987, where Pierre Hermé worked as a pastry chef at the Intercontinental in Luxembourg, and decided to create his own cake: The Ispahan, a macaroon biscuit, cream with rose petals; raspberries and lychees and that became a staple of French haute pastry. And that’s probably the turning of a journey or of his reading he discovered the rose in Bulgarian cuisine and pastry, which had so much marked.


The leader of pastry

Pierre Hermé became leader of French pastry chefs, has managed to bring in a few years a touch of taste and to his profession modernity. Celebrated to Japan and the United States it is called the “Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue magazine.

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