Pierre Bergé & Yves Saint Laurent’s Foundation

Pierre Bergé & Yves Saint Laurent’s Foundation


YSL and Pierre Bergé

     The Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent’s foundation has been created in 2004. It represents the outcome of forty years of creation.

     In effect, it keeps the history of Yves Saint Laurent fashion house alive, whose activity in Haute Couture ended on 31 October 2002.

YSL fondation

     By using the males codes, he brought three thing to women: insurance, boldness and power and this while preserving their femininity. His clothes are a part of the history of the XXth century. They accompanied the emancipation of women in all domains: private, social and political.

     The foundation transforms finally these memories into projects.

     It has three mains objectives:

  • The preservation of more than 5 000 clothes of Haute Couture and about 15 000 accessories, draws, and various objects which show the creation of Yves Saint Laurent during forty years.
  • Organisation of exhibitions about fashion, art (paints, pictures, art deco…)
  • The support cultural and educational activities.

     Finally, the fondation redraws the fashion world created by Yves Saint Laurent.

Fondation YSL


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