Phygital : when virtual is no longer enough

Phygital : when virtual is no longer enough

Phygital, is  the contraction of “Physics” & “Digital”. It refers to the transformation of physical stores under the digital age to offer a new customer experience and use digital tools as sales support in order to develop the commercial performance.

Stores need to adapt offline and online, and should keep in mind that e-commerce has become a familiar practice and that people consume differently since its emergence.Even if we are all obsessed by technologies and that we bring our smartphone everyone, we are still in need of human contact, point of sale remains the best potential shopping space especially in the luxury sector where we expect an irreproachable service when we are about to spend a lot of money.

To bring customers back to the store and attract new ones, there is no alternative but to adopt the web-to-store and the web-in-store, to focus on the requirements of this new consumer. 2.0.

So, in 2018 what is phygital about? Here are some examples:

– Mobile application: With various service as personal shopper available online

– Online payment: It permits to identify the client, to personalize the message he will receive and he will be able to pay easily without queuing.

– Click and Collect : The client buy online and take his article in store directly.

– Virtual Reality (VR) to test products online.

Today, we still need human but we live fast and evolve with digital. Business is about always have in mind technological trends and caring about the needs evolution of consumer to innovate everyday.