Photography for a cause

Photography for a cause

Fashion is not indifferent to the future of the planet and fashion photography always had a huge impact on brand awareness. It is then natural that brands and photographers are collaborating on projects in order to promote products but also the company’s engagements.

Fashion photographers are creative and technical, they can make the choice to illustrate a cause to deliver a strong message. Photographs now published in fashion magazines are the subject of intense reflection for their realizations.

Steven Meisel is an old but perfect example, with his work “Water&Oil” in 2010 he is illustrating an inconvenient truth: the ravages of pollution. Photos were judged as being poor taste, however Sozzani Vogue Italia editor-in-chief affirmed these provocative shots improved the magazine’s sales. People have an idea of what fashion photography is and still are not ready to accept this media to be a way of expressing ideas.


The problem of being credible concerning the brand image is also a brake for the photographer, provoking is acceptable, but he has to be aware of brand’s position and history.

We are so overwhelmed with everyday advertising that it is sometimes wise to use a cause to promote a brand. The brand must be honest and fulfill its commitments on the long term if it takes the decision to take part of a movement.