Phenomenon of Gosha Rubchinskiy brand

Phenomenon of Gosha Rubchinskiy brand

There are many different ways how you can treat the works of Gosha Rubchinsky, it can be criticised for its price policy, for the “ugliness” he is promoting, but it’s impossible not to acknowledge the fact that today he is the most famous Russian designer abroad. To the notorious matryoshka-vodka-balalaika, his name can be added. Foreign fashionistas may not know when the USSR collapsed and who became the first president of Russia, but everyone definitely have heard something about the post-Soviet fashion and Gosha Rubchinsky. He quotes post-Soviet reality in his works, participates in the World Fashion Week and collaborates with famous brands. His clothes are worn by top celebrities like Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Kristen Stewart, etc. Kanye West even came to Moscow for a meeting with Rubchinsky and offered him collaboration within the Yeezy brand.

Designer Gosha Rubchinsky
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In 2008, his first collection “Empire of Evil” came out with sports pants, sweatshirts and socks with a double-headed eagle, which holds automatons in its paws. In 2012, Rubchinsky’s brand started to be under the fashion house Comme des Garçons. Two years later, Rubchinsky made his debut in the framework of the global fashion community, showing a collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

Gosha Rubchinsky Collection FW 2016
Source: Vogue

Rubchinsky is popular abroad for very different reasons. Cyrillics and the style of urban suburbs is a new exotic, amazing wild world of post-Soviet adolescents. And the unknown always attracts and intrigues. Yevgeny Rabkin, a New York journalist, said about the Rubchinsky phenomenon: “This is a new cultural stream that Gosha is packing into a clear context and preparing for consumption.”

Rita Ora wearing Gosha Rubchinsky t-shirt
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