Pharrell Williams & Moynat

Pharrell Williams & Moynat

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Pharrell Williams is a well Known producer and singer; he owns two streetwear brands and a company that develops fabrics made of recycled plastics. He also has become an enthusiastic co-producer of fashion projects.

He has lent his name and made an original collection with the French trunkmaker Moynat by launching a line of locomotive-themed bags.

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This collaboration started After seeing the movie Harvey girls with Judy Garlant, Pharrell had wanted to make leather goods. Then he talked about it with Ramesh Nair (Hermès designer), they started flipping through the house history books and found one logo with a train, and they thought it was a sign.

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The train-shaped handbags have been crafted at a speciality Italian atelier. The collection was consisting of 4 pieces, a hand-tooled resin handbag, a hand-sculpted Ebony wood clutch, and two leather pochettes.

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