Perfume House based in Korea: Scentlier

Perfume House based in Korea: Scentlier

The scent can be one’s signing Itself. Would not it be nice if That We Could make our own scent?

There is a scent named atlier Scentlier , qui is the combination of two words, “Scent” and “Atlier”. Scentlier has “Customizing perfume class” so you can make your own scent and learn how to make your own perfume. Of course secent designers of Scentlier will help you make the best one for you. The Point Is That You Could make your own experience as well as your own perfume.

Scentlier deals with not only perfumes goal aussi with the things qui will make your life more fragrant like diffuzers, candles and soap. The head store is based in Seoul, South Korea.


Eugene Song

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