Paul Bocuse : A legend of gastronomy

Paul Bocuse : A legend of gastronomy

Lyon is known, in other things, for its gastronomy and its “bouchons lyonnais”. But we cannot talk about gastronomy and luxury in Lyon without talking about Paul Bocuse.

Paul Bocuse is a French chef become famous for the quality of his restaurants and his innovative approach of cuisine. Born in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or February 11th of 1926, he was the student of Eugénie Brazier one of the most brilliant chef of new cuisine, then for 8 years he worked with Fernand Point, his mentor. And finally, he takes up the family hostel for which he obtains his first star in 1958. Precursor of new cuisine in the 60’s and 70’s, emblematic figure of traditional tricolor cuisine and great business man, Paul Bocuse was at the head of an empire equal to 100 millions of euros with his restaurants and brewery disseminated in Lyon, Japan and the USA.

Tripling starlit in the Michelin guide, Paul Bocuse has contributed a lot for the evolution of French gastronomy: In 1975 he creates the famous truffles soup for a presidential diner at the Elysée, he also creates the Bocuse d’Or which is a price for the most prestigious prize for chefs in the world. He received lots of price all along his life, particularly the medal of the Commander of the Legion of Honor and named “Chef of the century” by the Culinary Institute of America.

The prestige of Paul Bocuse extends all over the world. He died on the threshold of his 92 years, January 20 of 2018, and leave behind him his empire to his son, Jérôme Bocuse who wants to control the company like his father has done all these years, with the vision and DNA of Bocuses.


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