Parisians Palaces are afraid of the rise of Airbnb.

Parisians Palaces are afraid of the rise of Airbnb.

Already in crisis, the Parisians palaces are alerting about the raise of the private luxury locations that are increasing.


In Paris and surroundings, AirBnB has at least 50.000 offers for apartment, some are luxury starting 500 euros per night (300 flats) and some are the highest luxury starting at 1000 euros (40 in the capital).

airbnb_horizontal_lockup_printThe added value that can be seen as a competition is the fact that most of the luxury AirBnB apartments have a story. For example, for 1700 euros per night, you can rent Brigitte Bardot former apartment with a 140-meter square patio and 360 degrees view in Paris.


The Parisian Palaces must find the added value that can help them recapture their rich clientele.


Awa Ndoye


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