Going back to the origins , it was during his reign in the seventeenth century that Louis XIV was to come the greatest tailors in Versailles to dress his court for the sole purpose of asserting its supremacy. It was at this time that Paris became the most influential city in this environment. After the wave in 2000 the Anglo Saxons who had little time has conquered the world of fashion , Paris is back and consolidated its number one position by feeding the best talent .

Historically, Paris is the fashion capital . Haute couture was born there . Thus , with a great lady as the face , the Eiffel Tower dressed in the colors of Fashion Week until October 7 .

Thus, Paris wants to retain his title and can count on the number, skills and experience of its houses seams, the excellence of its creators , craftsmen . Indeed , fashion is a major advantage of the attractiveness of the city, it is a source of power.


His strength ? Art directors around the world of Parisian houses : Belgian Raf Simons at Dior , Italian Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy , the British Phoebe Philo at Celine fashion … The French luxury brands always attract the best talent. Another strong point not to be neglected : young creators can count on the support of French institutions to develop before flying out on their own .


So Paris city light remains as the capital of fashion, and we marvel every year at slightly more wonderful fashion week shows. So you, too, can not wait for the next year?


         Marie MARTINEZ


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