Pablo Escobar’s mansion renovated into a luxury hotel

Pablo Escobar’s mansion renovated into a luxury hotel

An American art dealer, Leo Malca, has renovated an old villa owned by Pablo Escobar, into a luxury boutique-hotel “Casa Malca”.

Located in the Mexican beach resort of Tulum, the splendid hotel featuring 36 suites and rooms, offers an incredible decoration and a splendid landscape. It opened with nine bedrooms in 2015, but Malca is constantly adding to the site, which has its beach of 180 metres of white sand.

The property was built by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in the 1980’s. Abandoned for many years, the house was recently bought by Leo Malca, who made it a luxury hotel, which he also wants eco-friendly.

Inside, there are Persian rugs, contemporary artwork, ultra-design decorative accessories and traditional wooden furniture. Outside, the hotel’s facade is covered with tree bark and a spiral staircase provides access to the roof, where there is a terrace bar that frequently hosts events and also a tower which offers views over the lush tropical landscape.

Moreover, this splendid mansion offers a secret underground swimming pool. Located beneath the hotel’s main pool, it is an exclusive homage to the mysterious previous owner.


Marine Laurenson

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