Overview of Marketing practices for cosmetics in China

Overview of Marketing practices for cosmetics in China

2  As the great growth market, many company entered into china as soon as  possible to get a good market share. In cosmetic industry 90% is  monopolized by foreign brands, especially the French and American brand  at first. It started changed recently year, for the reason that Korean and  Japanese cultural entered in to china.

For the different habit of consumer, Chinese care more about their skincare and sun cream rather than in makeup and hair care. The skincare product occupied more than 40% of the cosmetic market.



L’OREAL is the number one in this market. It came into china since 1993 and did a great job by her great quality and right position strategy. L’OREAL has attired various consumer for different product with different position, for example, Lancôme is set as a top grade with high price. Lancôme sold it only in the big shopping center and the official web site and the special e-commerce site in cosmetics.

Lancôme even has no Chinese spokesperson in china.All of its spokespersons are western stars who are popular in the whole world to maintain the luxe image in people brain.

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