3 reasons to visit Bali

3 reasons to visit Bali

Over the last couple of years, the Indonesian island Bali has become one of the number one destinations for travel lovers, due to its affordability and its extraordinary location.

Here are 3 reasons why you should visit Bali on your next holidays.


  1. A luxury destination

Bali is a brand new luxury destination and has made itself famous only on the last couple of years.

However, it started big by entering the 2017 Forbes Travel Guide Star Awards straight to the first place.

It opened a brand new luxury market and caught the attention of several luxury companies such as Capella, Langham, Mandarin Oriental, Starwood’s Luxury Collection, willing to set up a business on the island.


2. Luxury hotels and spas

If you are seeking a relaxing vacation, Bali is definitely where you should head to. With tons of different 5 stars hotels and spas, near the beach, isolated in the jungle or immersed in the Indonesian civilization, you can only find the best hotel that matches your expectations and enjoy a luxury experience at the far end of the world.


3. The Island of Gods

Bali, also known as the Island of Gods, offers a great spiritual culture through temples and historical sites.

You can take breathtaking journeys in the depths of the island and discover architectural wonders.


If these reasons have not helped making your mind up just yet, imagine yourself stepping on this gorgeous land that is Bali, making a trip through the monkey forest and the rice terraces, and living the experience of a lifetime.

And if these are still not enough, think about the amazing food, the warmth of the people, the infinite shopping possibilities and the idyllic beaches.

Bali has definitely grown into the place to be, whether it’s for an unforgettable trip with friends, or to capture the best photographs for your Instagram feed.



Margaux Bogdan

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