Outfit of Interview in luxury industry

Outfit of Interview in luxury industry

Still confused about how to wear and how is the look can leave good impression when you go to an interview of the luxury company? Here are some codes of luxury:

First of all, you aren’t required to put on a formal suit, but a blazer is necessary.

Inside, you can wear a shirt, sweater or any other formal clothes. Regarding the pants, jeans definitely are the items you shouldn’t choose, men have to wear the pants, for the women, pants, skirt are all great! Trousers and dress are good items, too. About the shoes, remember, no sneakers or boots with a suit, the leather shoes and oxford shoes are good! About the heels for girls, 5 centimeter or less is the most suitable. Although the sneakers is the trend now, but you have to remember one thing ”fashion is not equal to luxury.” Regarding to the Makeup, just follow the tip “simple is more.” Before you go to the interview, manicure and polish your nails. About nail polish color, natural color is better, avoid purple, green, and the colors that too shiny.

The last but not the least, you can bring the bags of brand that you are going to interview. The accessories such as watch and jewelry are also the great choices. Do not put all the clothes, shoes and bags of the brand on your body!



Wang Yi Chen


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