Oscar de la Renta, RIP to a charming seducer

Oscar de la Renta, RIP to a charming seducer

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He was 82 years old, and surrounded by his family when Oscar de la Renta passed away in October 2014, as the result of a cancer. This talented designer from Saint Domingue, made his first steps in Balenciage and became famous in the 60s through the dresses he created for Jackie Kennedy.

“all women have something to highlight” He wa   s optimistic and funny with the joy of life.

With His First wife Françoise Laglande, they make the “wonder couple”, they Were the best outstanding host & hostess New York. Anna Wintour is one of his best friends, and it is thanks to a precious networking than Oscar dressed the most beautiful and influential women in the world. He offers them a colourful and glamorous style. “The women must look and feel beautiful”

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 The American president’s wives like Hilary Clinton `Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan adores Oscar. Sharon Stone, Penelope Cruz, Beyoncé and other celebrities wear his dresses on the red carpet. His last and not least Creation was the stunning wedding dress for Amal Alamuddin Clooney.

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