Opening Luxury Boutiques in Emerging countries – Maison Louis Vuitton in Poland

Opening Luxury Boutiques in Emerging countries – Maison Louis Vuitton in Poland

Poland is a great country. Free economy only since 1989. Before this year, there was nothing in shops, no clothes. To have purchase food, clothes, cars, people had to wait long. Everything was on “cards” given by the government or people had to have dollars to buy in selection of specific places. In Warsaw in was PEWEX.

Pemex poland

PEWEX, Warsaw

Now, there is 2015. The country is growing very fast. During at least 8 years there was no recession. People are buying a lot. New malls are everywhere, filled in with people making shopping. The luxury sector is also growing. Amazing young polish designers present their collections during Fashion Philosophy Week in Lodz twice a year. People purchase more luxurious cars like Mercedes, Porshe. There was also opened a salon of Rolls Royce, Aston Martin etc.

Thanks to this state of economy and growing popularity of travel to Poland but also Poles outside of their country allowed luxury brands to develop.



The Warsaw is a capitol of Poland. It is the place, which was chosen to create a big mall with luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Gucci.
The focus in this article is about Louis Vuitton. The opening of luxurious boutique was very important event in the fashion industry in this country. there was a lot of speculations about luxurious brands entering the polish markets. In the 2005-2010 the Poles spent around 81 million € in the Luxury sector. In the same time the LVMH started to make survey about polish market with the LV Director of North Europe – Robert Eggs.

VitkAc – Luxurious mall became the great opportunity to place there a Louis Vuitton boutique. In 2013 there was a decision made by the LV to open a shop on Aleje Jerozolimskie street, the heart of Warsaw. There was a big question among Poles, how aggressive will be the company’s strategy. In the end, there was a big trunk established, being completely not suitable to the sounding architecture. Nevertheless, it was a great news, about which a lot of people were talking and could not wait to enter the shop.

vitkac, warszawa, warsaw

Luxurious Mall in Warsaw – VitkAc



Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton – before opening, Warsaw

The opening of the shop was a big event. The flashes and celebrities were everywhere. Multiple paparazzi were fighting to make a picture of the stars and the shop itself.

The shop has a Two floors and is located on the side of the made street of Warsaw. The big window establish interesting merchandising, very specific to this elegant brand. The whole surface of the shop reaches 270 m2.

The parter is a place for the women accessories – scarfs, bags etc. The shop gives the spirit of the brand, voyage. The beautiful and perfectly placed items are shining in the shelfs illuminations.

The stairs are also very important element of Louis Vuitton shops. There are beautiful stairs going on the first floor. This part is for the men’s accessories and also there is a little part for precisely selected bags, made with the finest materials. The price is not higher.

Clients have of course possibility to order a specific products if they want. Below you will find few pictures presenting the shop.

LV Warsaw Artist WindowLV Warsaw ground levelLouis Vuitton Warsaw












































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Olga Oplotna

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