From online to retail: online brands that moved in store

From online to retail: online brands that moved in store

The title of this article sounds very strange and even contradictory right? Especially considering that one of the hottest topics at the moment is the importance of being connected and present online.

Still, stores remain relevant and several studies show that people still prefer to purchase in store. This is even more true if we focus on luxury brands.

That is why some brands which started online decided to later move in stores. This does not mean that the digital origins of the brands were forgotten, most if not all of them still maintain the online store as well. It means that when the time was right – and by time we mean the popularity – they decided to have a place just for them that allowed them to offer the client a more complete experience.

An example in France could be Birchbox. The American born company became famous thanks to their submission box service dedicated only to high end beauty products. Soon enough, they also opened an online store in which clients could purchase the products independently from the submission program. Finally, their success allowed them to start opening actual stores in the biggest cities, including Paris.

Internationally, a good example is the eyewear brand TBS Eyewear. It all started from Italian bespoke expert and blogger Fabio Attanasio in Milan. His fame allowed his brand to grow really fast and his sunglasses became a must have in the universe of male fashion. It wasn’t long until selling exclusively online wasn’t enough so they started appearing in the most exclusive department stores and retailers around the world.

I personally believe this new trend should be a strong message to remind all brands that even if the online presence is vital, stores remain just as important.


Francesca Policastro

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