Odyssey of Cartier, an advertising short film of rare beauty Directed by Marcel agency for 165 years the house Cartier, this advertising 3min31 short film is a true gem.

The house Cartier celebrated its 165 years in style: four million euros for a small advertising gem. It traces the history of the brand over time through strong references to his own image. First, the symbolic animal:


1) The panther, powerful and unpredictable mystery and femininity symbol, emblem of the brand

2) White horses at the center of many myths, symbols of purity

3) The dragon, eternal enemy of the panther who can not dissociate: their opposition represents the duality of man

4) The elephant, symbol of wisdom, prosperity and longevity (such as Cartier)

Then, symbolic of strong colors: It is in a cold and mysterious atmosphere starts the spot. The silver color dominates, symbol of the path towards perfection. It represents a goal.

There is then a gradual warming of the atmosphere with the first gold brought by the dragon key, and with the appearance of multiple touches of color: gemstones Cartier jewelry highlighted by the lair dark in which they are located. Finally, the atmosphere heats up considerably with the plan of the Indian Maharaja Palace under the sun in the desert. The advertising short film ends with the lights of Paris and the red dress supermodel Shalom Harlow’s. The story ends, enclosed in the Cartier lush red and gold colors, symbols of perfection, which this time is reached.

Just for fun, here is the beautiful video!




         Marie MARTINEZ


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