Number 5, a lucky day for all the live.

Number 5, a lucky day for all the live.

“I’m launching my collection on May 5, the fifth of the month of the year, let him have the number he wears, and this number 5 will give him a chance.” Gabrielle Chanel

It can be said that there is one before and one after No. 5.

Coco Chanel has forever disrupted the undistribution of perfume.

Breaking conventions is his mission. The birth of the project in 1921 via a simple anodyne discussion.

But one thing is certain Gabrielle Chanel wants a perfume that resembles nothing that already exists. No rose or lily of the valley but jasmine, the most noble and luxurious of essences.

For the name of the perfume, Coco Chanel wants something sober.

N ° 5.

Purple and square, the bottle also looks more like a test piece of the scientific laboratory than one of the sculptural creations of other perfumers.

Perfume is an immediate planetary success. Initially it is not sold but offered to the best customers of the house and the intimate friends of the dressmaker. Such a reward.

The bottle quickly becomes a must have, that all Parisian high society wants at all costs. Overseas, the success is similar, the American soldiers wait patiently in front of the shop to leave with a bottle and offer it to their fiancés. He will sell one per minute.

To incarnate the legend N ° 5 which better than Marilyn Monroe answering “only two drops of Chanel” to a journalist who asks her in 1954 what she carries to sleep. The myth becomes real and persists.





Valentine Perreaux

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