Niche brands of leather goods

Niche brands of leather goods

Nowadays, luxury is not simply a richness symbol referring to expensive items. Instead of showing off, more and more people are chasing niche brands now, for them, luxury is something not everyone possesses, they want to be different by using different things from others.

But it doesn’t mean that a niche brand has no history, on the contrary, they are the brands with a long history but not as famous as the other “big brands”. We have 4 examples for the niche brands of leather goods in this article.


Moynat is a French luxury fashion house. Their first atelier was opened in Paris in 1849 by trunk-makers Octavie and François Coulembier. Thanks to their virtuosity traditional know-how for handcrafting made-to –order luggage and travel goods, the house became famous for its designs for the automobiles, as well as for its technical innovations such as making its trunks lighter and waterproof.

Moynat, since 1849 from France



Delvaux is a Belgian manufacturer of fine leather luxury goods founded in 1829 by Charles Delvaux. The company claims to be the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world. They have three heritages bags: Brillant, Tempête and Madame. The most famous one is the Brilliant, it was created in 1958, marked the first time the brand would create a product displaying the brand logo, in this case a buckle in the shape of a “D” letter.

Delvaux, since 1829 from Belgium



Fauré Le Page is a French firearms manufacturer (arquebusier and fourbisseur) established in Paris in 1717. Founded by Louis Pigny.