Next summer fashion

Next summer fashion

Globalization obliges, fashion is played more than ever frontiers by mixing at will the dress codes that they are folkloric, musical or religious, all against background of influences streetwear assumed. Concretely, it gives graphic djellabas carried on a combo sneakers / sports socks lifts, beach caftans cut in deffered keffiehs or ethnic jewels twisted in audacious headbands. A métissée outfit that is reminiscent of the rappeuse M.I.A or the daughters of AWA, carrying an optimistic and significant fashion.

The second most polluting industry after oil, fashion and those who wear it seem to be urgently needed to reinvent themselves. Excess of overconsumption, the sape is recycled abundantly in an absolute “no luxury” approach more concerned with the environment. The raw materials such as net, rope or denim are mixed in colors of intentionally passed colors and an approximate finish, made of patchwork, pencils and superimpositions. But above all, one displays his fight with strong messages and impact nineties, which is printed in large characters on his tee-shirt heather.

If the feminine fashion borrows largely from the men’s dressing room, the reciprocal seems finally to operate. The man is a woman like the others and appropriates satin and lace, rosy colors and floral motifs, voluntarily playing codes genres genres. The costumes are adorned with animal prints, moccasins of acid tints and fancy accessories openly feminine. A more liberated masculinity, in short, freeing oneself from a certain stereotyped virility.

But also bright, lingerie, pink, inspirations very eighties, a little kitsch and bad taste to shake the conventions: these are some of the trends for next summer, seen during fashion show Fashion Week Parisian.



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