Personal Shopper in the luxury world

Personal Shopper in the luxury world

The personal shopper is a fashion professional who advises and accompanies his customers in their shopping. His coaching takes into account the tastes, style, morphology, personality and budget of his clients.

Personal Shopper often from the world of fashion like stylist, buyers, or sales consultant, they have a perfect knowledge of products, fashion, clothing, style and also an excellent customer service. He accompanies each of his clients in a unique experience and offers tailor-made advice.


His role is to offer an expert vision to his client and help him to sublimate his look and reveal his personality. He can either do the shopping instead of his client, or do it with him, or make recommendations on his wardrobe and also help him to compose outfits adapted to his morphology or an event. His clientele in general, wealthy, Parisian or foreign is attracted by the Luxury French Houses. This new business responds to an expectation of the luxury industry that wants to improve the client experience.

Moreover, there are some training that are created, such as “Luxury Personal Shopper 2017” Montaigne Style Paris. They are dedicated for people who want to discover and acquire knowledge about this new job, as the culture of fashion, brands, trends, and they also have workshops.


Marine Laurenson

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