N°5, The Iconic Perfume of The Maison Chanel

N°5, The Iconic Perfume of The Maison Chanel

Chanel n°5 is the most emblematic perfume of all time and as Chanel did,  N°5 itself managed to keep a great image though the years and to have constant increasing sells by becoming almost more like a fashion accessories, than an simple perfume, symbol of elegance and feminity.

It is the most sold perfume worldwide since its creation, but how did this little cubic jewels became that iconic?

In 1921 Gabrielle Chanel felt the wish to launch her 1st perfume, she asked the perfumer Ernest Beaux to imagine one for her. She wanted something new, a scent that would smell like no other, a different juice that would represents the woman she was and the owl new generation she has inspired, a modern a wearable fragrance for independent women.

So when in she came to visit Ernest Beaux to chose the perfume she asked him to create, she fell in love with the sample n°5, that was love at first scent.

She decided to name her first olfactive creation Chanel N°5, and it became the best seller that we all know today. For its communication, Chanel has always used very significant celebrity endorsement, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou, Gisele Bunchen, but its best ambassador remains and always will, Coco herself.



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