My first experience at Place Vendôme

My first experience at Place Vendôme

Once upon a time…

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I went to Place Vendome, in Paris. This is the temple of the luxury.



As I am a young student, I was really afraid to enter in the boutiques and be stared. Never mind, I wanted to live “ The Place Vendôme” experience. The first one was Chanel. It was such a beautiful boutique, like in my dreams. However, sellers were not really friendly and professionals as they laughed at my friend and I when we asked if it was possible to try on a watch.

The second one was the Dior boutique (jewelry and watches). I saw such beautiful watches (I even asked my parents to buy me one for my birthday but they said no… I don’t understand why!). The decoration and the scenography were really pleasant. Sellers were helpful. After visiting this huge luxury place, I bought nothing but I have two beautiful books of the Dior and Chanel collections.

Actually, it was a really good experience, I felt like everyone there.


I suggest you to do the same as me.






Helene Leveque

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