Musicians of Street Luxury

Musicians of Street Luxury

Oh Hyuk of HyukOh Band

Oh Hyuk, this is the very name of the musician. He collaborates with musicians –other goal aussi He Has His Own band named HyukOh Band. It est devenu famous with the debut song “Wing Wing” in 2014. In the band, members and 4 are therer They are all born in 1993, so the age of the members is pretty young. All the members making songs expects the final goal confirmed is made by the leader Oh Hyuk. They think que la Surely music is the art And They think aussi que la music and the fine art can not be separated apart. This is the reason Why They care about the visual share for Their Music. They bring together the subculture. They concentrate on the moment or the Mail to deliver more than gold Supporting dismissing specific genres. If you watch videos Their Music, You Could Feel Some Kind of reversal from the différence entre the atmosphere of the music and visual things.

V  [Wing Wing]




Dok2 is a producer of the hiphop ILLINAIRE lable. And Korean hiphop szene thesedays can not be Talked without mentioning _him_. He Was Born in the USA so His Music style HAS lots of common issues With That of American. As the name de son lable ILLINAIRE, he talks about the life of MILLIONAIRE in His Music. Hi successed with His Music With His Producing professional skill. He is famous not only with His Music With His goal aussi cars, watches and his penthouse. But most of all, What Makes _him_ have the luxury Is That He Has His Own lifestyle That he Does not smoke and he Does not drink Unlike –other hiphopers. That is His own rule for himself he says. Watch video His Music His Life and peep out. 

V  [Beverly 1lls]



Eugene Song

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