Most Expensive Cocktail

Most Expensive Cocktail

Lets travel to London first in order to introduce you, the world’s most expensive cocktail. Located at Mayfair region this delicious drink called ‘Gigi’ was created especially for iconic-songwriter and actress Grace Jones, in a way of the restaurant owners showing their appreciation for attending the opening with something ‘truly special’.

So here’s the some clues on how to create the ‘liquid gold’: a flute is filled with a vintage bottle of champagne from 1990 and an ultra-care 1888 Samalens Vieille Relique Vintage Bas Armagnac, which would probably explain its price tag of nothing more nothing less £8,888. If you think about it, that’s pretty much the price you might pay for a new Rolex Submariner. Of course, the glamorous drink wouldn’t be complete without the most exclusive touch of ingredients, some ‘lashings’ of gold leaf.

Are you imaging the taste already?

But there’s a catch something this amazing couldn’t be so easy to get. According to the restaurant manager Cesare Papagna, the drink is not available from the menu and is instead from ‘discerning’ guests.

As he once mentioned: ‘’The Gigi’s isn’t the kind of cocktail that you display on a blackboard’’, said Papagna. ‘’If you have to ask the price, you wont be able to afford it.’’

That being said, I guess we will have to wait, who knows? Maybe one day.