Moscow guide. Shop & Bar Denis Simachev

Moscow guide. Shop & Bar Denis Simachev

If you want to feel the spirit of fashion life in Moscow, you definetely should go to Simachev Bar. This place was opened in 2007 and became favourite for many people. The interiour of the DS Bar is a combination of non-combined things

(mosaic on the wall, carpets on the floors, colored fur sofas and etc) which work togheter better than we could imagine.


As we can see in the name, this place could be divided into three categories: shop, bar and restaurant. Extremely popular place once was closed for 1 month, this fact made people almost cry. Fortunately, it has opened again.


During the lunch, here you can meet fashion editors ( Conde Nast Russia just in the next bulding), designers and heroes of gossip column. During the weekend it is main place to go to party. Beautiful people drink tasty coctails and dance. Do not forget about DC anc FC.

Khazhieva Lilia

photo (1) Lilia

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