Moschino, the luxury fashion outsider.

Moschino, the luxury fashion outsider.

When people think about luxury, they usually say that is has to be classy, serious and maybe also “not funny”. But there is a brand who is the troublemaker in the luxury fashion industry, a simple name : MOSCHINO (with big letters because if not, it’s not MOSCHINO).


A little bit of history : Moschino, well known for his crazy fashion runways, surprised the audience during his spring summer 1986 shows, where the models walked on they knees, or autumn-winter 1988-1989 where the models were being carried by Roman Slaves.

Seen as the « naughty boy of italian fashion », Franco Moschino imposed his vision of fashion by turn away the couture codes with irony and this the DNA of the brand.

Their most known collection is the « Cheap and Chic » line created in 1988  who made a big noise in the fashion world. After that success some boutiques started opening in Europe (the first was for sure, in Milan).



After he died, Rosella Lardini, his collaborator was the head of MOSCHINO. She proudly and with a lot of success, respect the vision of Franco by, for example opening a flagship store in Paris, dresses Coca Cola light bottles in 2009. And also big stars like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Dita Von Teese , Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley or Lady Gaga was dressed by Moschino.

Now, with Internet and social media, MOSCHINO has a new way to be more successful and surprise people with their clothing line, especially with Jeremy Scott at the head of the art director of the brand.