Moschino, is fashion going too far ?

Moschino, is fashion going too far ?


Moschino, an italien brand, has always been known for it’s great extravagence. We can mainly thank it’s fashion director, Jeremy scott, known for his offbeat personnality who inpires himself with existant and recognizable icons. He claims that « fashion is all about youth ».

For instance he created a collection inspired of the number one fast food chain Mc Donald’s, by using for instance ketchup and fries as purses. Something very daring and that could be perceived as pieces being rather cheap than luxurious.


So we can observe that the icons stated previously are absolutely not we are used to be seeing in the fashion world. Something surprisingly unexpected that really shocked the professionals of the industry.

Can we say that Jeremy scott is perhaps pushing the fun part a bit too far ? His world view kind of causes a problematic for a lot of people in the luxury world. He gets quite a lot of criticism. We will see where he is willing to go …

Stacey Parkinson

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