Montblanc’s tribute to JFK

Montblanc’s tribute to JFK

The legends are remembered in great events, is why the luxury brand Montblanc reminiscent of the legendary American president John F. Kennedy, through a special edition pen that comes within the Grands Caractères collection of Montblanc that for several years pays homage to the most representative men of world society.

The design of the special edition JFK Montblanc was created so that it diverse elements that characterized the life and work of the president 35 of the United States were reflected, first have their initials engraved on the platinum ring, for what those who enjoy this artifact collection feel that was designed by the same John F. Kennedy.


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The following are the three rings of the cap, as a nod to his three brothers Joseph, Robert and Edward, who were decisive part of the political campaign of John F. Kennedy which gave him a place in the presidency of the United States.

The pen designed by Montblanc also comes dressed with the engraving of a lunar module that refers to the Apollo program, which was launched during his administration, the last detail but not least is the blue resin coated onto the object, which recalls the years at John F. Kennedy was an active member of the US Navy.


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